New $500 Chase Ink Cash Bonus, 100k Ink Preferred Bonus When You Apply In-Branch

Apparently 50,000 bonus points is no longer a big deal, so Chase is giving it away on their lowest-tier business card. Well, they will be come March 12th, according to a post from DoC.

They have the scoop via a screenshot (picture or it didn’t happen), which details an increased sign-up bonus of $500 on Chase Ink Cash when you spend $3,000 in the first three months from the card’s open date.

The flyer (or digital flyer) even points out that it’s a $300 increase from the typical sign-up bonus of $200. That’s ostensibly the selling point Chase employees will share with customers who walk in the door.

We recently compiled a list of the largest sign-up bonuses ever offered, and it appears as if we’ll need to make a change just a day after creating that darn thing.

It should be noted that the sign-up bonus on Chase Ink Cash has been as high as $300 in the past for the same spending requirement, so it’s actually only $200 above its all-time high.

Still, this is a great offer if you’re unwilling to go for the Chase Ink Preferred and its 80k or 100k sign-up bonus.

100k Sign-Up Bonus for Chase Ink Preferred (90.5k Effective Rate)

Speaking of, the newish Chase Ink Preferred card will see its opening bonus rise as well, from the current 80,000 UR points to 100,000 UR points when you apply in-branch, assuming you are targeted and qualify.

The caveat, which the flyer also highlights, is that the $95 annual fee will no longer be waived.

Effectively, this means the 100k offer is only really a 90,500 offer when compared to the 80k offer with no annual fee the first year, depending on how you value the points.

Why Would You Apply for Chase Ink Cash Instead of Chase Ink Preferred?

If you’re wondering why someone would apply for the Chase Ink Cash if they could get double the sign-up  bonus on the Chase Ink Preferred, it might have to do with the bonus categories.

Well, that’s assuming the person actually thought it through, which we’re sure not everyone does. But if you did take the time to think it through, it would likely have to do with the bonus categories.

You see, the Chase Ink Cash offers 5% back up to $25k annually in a variety of categories, including office supply (hello gift cards!), cell phone, landline (people have those?), internet, and cable TV.

It also earns 2% back up to $25k annually at gas stations and restaurants.

Meanwhile, Chase Ink Preferred only earns 3X, but in a ton of categories and up to $150,000 in annual purchases combined.

Those categories include:

– Travel (air, train, taxi, uber, lyft, hotel, car rental, etc.)
– Shipping
– Internet, cable, phone
– Advertising via social media and search engines

So for the savvy point-hoarder, it could make sense to go after the fee-free Chase Ink Cash card and get 5X in those other categories, and then transfer the points to a different Chase card that has full Ultimate Rewards flexibility, including point transfers to frequent flyer programs.

The minimum spending requirement is also $2,000 less on the Chase Ink Cash card…

Can You Get Ink Preferred If You Have Ink Plus?

Now you might be curious if you can get these other Chase Ink cards if you already have a different Chase Ink card. For example, can you get Ink Preferred if you already have Ink Plus?

Or, can you get Ink Cash if you already have Ink Plus? The answer should be “yes” as long as you otherwise qualify for a new Chase credit card.

In other words, if you aren’t barred by their 5/24 rule or simply ineligible based on creditworthiness, it shouldn’t be an issue getting a second or third Chase Ink card because it’s a different product.

And as we pointed out, there are practical reasons to apply for one or more the cards. You may need to explain that to the rep by the way, so keep that in mind.

Another reason (excuse) to get multiple Chase Ink cards is if you have multiple businesses. For example, if you run three different websites, you might be able to get a card for each separate business, within reason.

Which Chase Ink Card Should I Get?

Assuming you already have Chase Ink Plus, which comes with the 5X categories on up to $50k in combined spending per year, you’re probably better off going with the Chase Ink Preferred.

While the Chase Ink Cash card now has a solid $500 sign-up bonus, you can get double that via the Chase Ink Preferred.

And you already get the 5X categories via Chase Ink Plus. If you open a Chase Ink Preferred to flank it, you’ll have quite the point-earning combo on your hands.

It’ll look like this:

  • 5X at office supply stores, on internet, cable TV, cell phone, and landlines
  • 3X on travel, hotels, shipping, online advertising
  • 2X at gas stations and hotels
  • 1X elsewhere

With those two Ink cards in tow, you can basically drop the Chase Sapphire Reserve before the hefty $450 annual fee is due and only miss out on the 3X restaurant category.

Yep, Chase Ink Plus and Chase Ink Preferred pack a mean punch together. You’ll also have a ton of Ultimate Rewards simply from the sign-up bonuses, so even if you don’t use them that much, you should still have quite the points haul.

The only caveat is if the Chase Ink Cash $500 bonus is a one-time deal. If it’s here today and never returns, you could argue going for it and saving the Chase Ink Preferred for another time, assuming it will always be 100k or near that.

But that’s a risk – the Chase Sapphire Reserve 100k bonus was already cut in half, so the same could happen to Chase Ink Preferred.

(photo: Peter Linke)

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