A Long List of Credit Cards That Don’t Charge Foreign Transaction Fees

Credit cards offer a number of perks to their cardholders, from mega sign-up bonuses to 0% APR to free lounge access to annual travel credits. Additionally, some don’t charge foreign transaction fees.

Let’s focus on that last benefit so you can quickly determine which credit card to use while traveling abroad to avoid any unwelcome fees on your many non-cash purchases.

Credit card issuers generally charge 3% of the transaction if/when traveling outside the USA, meaning $30 per $1,000 in spending. With so many cards waiving these fees, you might as well carry the right card the next time you leave America.

Below we have grouped credit cards that don’t charge foreign transaction fees by issuer – we also note whether they charge an annual fee or not. This is helpful if you want a card for the long-haul, one that you don’t have to pay for to keep in your wallet year after year.

Credit Cards with No Foreign Transaction Fees

Issuer Card Name Annual Fee Where Accepted
Amex Platinum $450 Hit or miss
Amex Biz Platinum $450 Hit or miss
Amex Centurion $2,500 Hit or miss
Amex Gold $160 Hit or miss
Amex Biz Gold $175 Hit or miss
Amex Premier Gold $195 Hit or miss
Amex SPG $95 Hit or miss
Amex SPG Biz $95 Hit or miss
Amex Gold Delta $95 Hit or miss
Amex Gold Delta Biz $95 Hit or miss
Amex Platinum Delta $195 Hit or miss
Amex Plat Delta Biz $195 Hit or miss
Amex Delta Reserve $450 Hit or miss
Amex Plum Card $250 Hit or miss
BofA AAA Member Rewards $0 Anywhere Visa
BofA Alaska Signature $75 Anywhere Visa
BofA Alaska Biz $75 Anywhere Visa
BofA Travel Rewards $0 Anywhere Visa
BofA Travel Rewards Biz $0 Anywhere Visa
BofA Merrill + Visa $0 Anywhere Visa
BofA Merrill Biz $0 Anywhere Visa
BofA Virgin Atlantic $90 Anywhere MC
BankUnited Bonus Rewards Plus $50 Anywhere Visa
BankUnited Travel Rewards Amex $95 Hit or miss
Barclaycard Arrival Plus $89 Anywhere MC
Barclaycard Arrival Regular $0 Anywhere MC
Barclaycard AA Aviator Red $95 Anywhere MC
Barclaycard Ring $0 Anywhere MC
Barclaycard Carnival $0 Anywhere MC
Barclaycard Hawaiian $89 Anywhere MC
Barclaycard Holland America $0 Anywhere Visa
Barclaycard JetBlue $0 Anywhere MC
Barclaycard Lufthansa $89 Anywhere MC
Barclaycard Priceline Rewards $0 Anywhere Visa
Barclaycard Princess Cruises $0 Anywhere Visa
Barclaycard Wyndham Rewards $0 Anywhere Visa
Barclaycard Gold Card $995 Anywhere MC
Barclaycard Black Card $495 Anywhere MC
Barclaycard Titanium Card $195 Anywhere MC
BBVA Select Card $125 Anywhere Visa
BMO Harris Premium Rewards MC $79 Anywhere MC
Capital One ALL CARDS Various Anywhere MC/Visa
Chase British Airways $95 Anywhere Visa
Chase Fairmont $95 Anywhere Visa
Chase IHG $49 Anywhere MC
Chase Sapphire Preferred $95 Anywhere Visa
Chase Sapphire Reserve $450 Anywhere Visa
Chase Hyatt $75 Anywhere Visa
Chase Ink Plus $95 Anywhere Visa
Chase Ink Preferred $95 Anywhere Visa
Chase United MileagePlus $95 Anywhere Visa
Chase United Club $450 Anywhere Visa
Chase Marriott $85 Anywhere Visa
Chase Marriott Biz $99 Anywhere Visa
Chase Ritz Carlton $450 Anywhere Visa
Chase Amazon Rewards $0 Anywhere Visa
Chase Amazon Prime $0 Anywhere Visa
Chase Southwest Prem Biz $99 Anywhere Visa
Chase United Explorer Biz $95 Anywhere Visa
Citi AA Plat Select $95 Anywhere MC
Citi AA Exec $450 Anywhere MC
Citi AA Biz $95 Anywhere MC
Citi ThankYou Prem $95 Anywhere MC
Citi Prestige $450 Anywhere MC
Citi Expedia Voyager $95 Anywhere MC
Citi HHonors Reserve $95 Anywhere Visa
Citizens Bank Cash Back Plus World MC $0 Anywhere MC
City National Crystal Infinite $400 Anywhere Visa
Comerica Visa Bonus Rewards Plus $50 Anywhere Visa
Comerica Travel Rewards Amex $95 Hit or miss
Discover ALL CARDS $0 Anywhere Discover/Diners Club
Fifth Third Bank Trio Card $0 Anywhere MC
HSBC Premier World MC $0 Anywhere MC
HSBC Advance MC $0 Anywhere MC
HSBC Platinum MC Rewards $0 Anywhere MC
HSBC Platinum MC $0 Anywhere MC
Huntington Voice Card $0 Anywhere MC
M&T Bank Visa Signature $0 Anywhere Visa
PenFed ALL CARDS $0 Anywhere VISA/Amex
SunTrust Cash Rewards $0 Anywhere MC/Amex
TD Bank TD Cash $0 Anywhere VISA
TD Bank TD First Class $89 Anywhere VISA
USAA ALL CARDS Mostly $0 Anywhere VISA/Amex
US Bank FlexPerks Gold Amex $85 Hit or miss
US Bank FlexPerks Travel $49 Anywhere Visa
US Bank SkyPass Visa Signature $80 Anywhere Visa
Wells Fargo Propel 365 Amex $45 Hit or miss
Wells Fargo Propel World Amex $175 Hit or miss

*Credit cards issued by Visa and MasterCard enjoy the best acceptance, whereas those issued by American Express and Discover may not be accepted by as many foreign merchants (or even domestic ones!), hence why we wrote “hit or miss” for Amex cards. Discover seems to be the worst for acceptance outside the U.S.

acceptance chart

Also watch out for merchants that allow you to pay for things in U.S. dollars while traveling abroad. You can get hit with a costly foreign currency conversion fee, which is separate from foreign transaction fees!

American Express

While many American Express cards do not charge foreign transaction fees, none offer this perk while charging no annual fee. So you’ll pay for the privilege no matter what. Well, unless the first year’s annual fee is waived

Additionally, many retailers outside the United States (and inside the U.S. for that matter) don’t actually accept American Express. Think the smaller restaurants, hotels, etc., those that aren’t high-end or big-name world brands.

If your Amex doesn’t waive the foreign transaction fees, expect to pay 2.7% of the transaction, which is slightly lower than the industry standard 3%.

Keep in mind that there are a variety of Amex Platinum cards other than those listed such as ones issued by Ameriprise, Charles Schwab, Mercedes Benz, Morgan Stanley, etc. that waive the fees.

Bank of America

Bank of America offers a couple credit cards that don’t charge foreign transaction fees. And there are two Merrill Lynch cards that don’t charge the fees either. Also, their Business Preferred World MasterCard charge card only charges 2% as opposed to the typical 3%.


Barclaycard has a good variety of credit cards with no foreign transaction fees, including their popular Arrival Plus card. Additionally, they have quite a few cards that don’t charge forex or annual fees, so you can keep the card long term. All are Visa or MasterCard too.

Capital One

Perhaps the trailblazer of this credit card perk was Capital One, which doesn’t charge foreign transaction fees on any of its credit cards. Even better is that their cards are either Visa or MasterCard, which tend to enjoy the best acceptance rate of any credit card worldwide. They also have many no annual fee options such as Quicksilver, VentureOne Rewards, and their Platinum Card.


Many Chase credit cards waive the foreign transaction fees, but they often come with annual fees. The two exceptions are the Amazon credit cards from Chase, which both don’t charge annual fees or foreign transaction fees.


Citi has a handful of credit cards with no foreign transaction fees, but none of them carry no annual fee. So you’ll be paying for the privilege unless the fee is waived during year one. The good news is they’re Visa and MasterCard issued cards.


The great thing about Discover is they don’t charge foreign transaction fees. The bad news is they aren’t accepted everywhere, notably France, and certainly not as widely as Visa and MasterCard. However, things do seem to be getting better in terms of acceptance rate globally. If you see a Discover or Diners Club International logo, the merchant should take the card.


This multinational bank rightly waives foreign transaction fees on many of their credit cards, and you can get a $0 annual fee on many of them as well. Just note that some of the cards require a banking relationship to waive the annual fee.


This credit union doesn’t charge any foreign transaction fees on its credit cards, which come in both Visa and American Express varieties. The Visa ones are likely preferred for international travel to ensure acceptance.


The United Services Automobile Association (USAA) removed foreign transaction fees from all of its credit cards. But they offer both Visa and American Express cards, the latter of which might not accepted by merchants in all foreign countries you visit.

(photo: Charles Clegg)

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